Executive Wealth: Our Specialty

As a top executive, you face financial challenges and opportunities in a complex landscape. Add to that your particular objectives: ambitious, distinctive, and far-reaching.

The Corcoran Group is dedicated to building, growing, and sustaining wealth for top executives and their families all across the country.

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Integrated Financial Planning

When it comes to your financial strategy, you gain the greatest benefit when all parts work toward a common goal. That’s why we pride ourselves on a truly holistic approach. No aspect of your financial health–or its unique circumstances–is beyond our concern. We individually address and collectively manage compensation plans, investments, strategic retirement, risk tolerance, estate planning, charitable giving, insurance, and tax considerations: a broad perspective that is, frankly, outside the scope of many a professional’s purview.

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Over 25 Years of Independence

As an independent financial planning and wealth management firm that’s been in business since the late ‘80s, we cultivate long-term relationships based on trust, collaboration, and commitment. With no conflicts of interest to cloud our judgment, we work for you and only you, providing one-on-one attention, personalized service, and counsel.

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